Early Detection System

For Lymphoedema


01 / FAST

With our proprietary Scanning application, measurement is finished within a minute, saving over 80% of clinical measurment time. It is so user friendly, the patients can scan themselves prior their appointment.

Faster measurement, means more time for treatment, serving more patients and a shorter waiting list.


The new system is over 90% more accurate and for the first time, the ability to detect slight changes in body volume and condition.

This means more data to enable early detection and support diagnose, improving the rate of successful early treatment.


Data collected are analysed and visualised in real time. Providing over 10 graphs and 3D models, from progress tracking to 3D representation of the patients.

Monitoring patients condition has never been more straightforward.

Our Challenges

Poor prospect of early detection
Measuring tape and paper record is still the go-to tools in clinic. Such method limits the ability to detect Lymphoedema early on, which is crucial to the patients.
The earlier it is detected, the better chance the patients get their normal life back.
Inefficient diagnostic process
Relying on manual measurement and data input. An average clinical measurement can take at least 45 minutes. As a result, doctor can only see 9 to 10 patients per day.
The ability to self monitor can enable early detection, reducing the cost of treatment led by later stage lymphoedema.
High Treatment Cost
The current diagnostic model rely heavily on voluntary monitoring by patients, meaning non-standardised data collection.
Without a proper monitoring in place, it may be too late when the patients notice the changes in their body. Later stage lymphoedema can cost up to tens of thousands of dollar in treatment.
Early detection and intervention can potentially reduce the treatment cost.

Our Story

Marco Lam

vlo Medical is founded on a single belief - Early detection saves lives.

We all understand early detection is crucial to treating any condition.

However, early detection cannot be done by pen and paper, we will need something to help potential patients to monitor and record their day to day condition.


Started as a University project in 2017 at the University of Sydney, I have created a new process that enables potential lymphoedema patients to monitor and track their condition remotely, helping doctors to get better data, and hopefully assisting them to a more accurate diagnostic.


Since then, We have been honor to receive multiple awards from NSW state iAwards, National iAwards and the Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2019. Great validation of the problem we are solving and our effort.

In the coming year, vlo medical will aim at helping doctors to monitor their patient condition and potentially, improving patient's quality of life.